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Issuance of Permits / Licenses


  1. Permit for felling of trees(jak, Bread fruit, Female Palmyra)
  2. Permit for transportation of Timber/Furniture
  3. Extending the period of falling / transportation permit
  4. Permit for new pawning center
  5. Renewal of pawning centrelicence.
  6. Bus conductor license
  7. Issuing of a duplicate
  8. New Liquor license
  9. Renewal of liquor license
  10. Permits for transport animals
  11. Approval  for the weapon permits
  12. Toddy tavern rent permits
  13. License for Mining of sand, gravel and soil
  14. License for transportation of sand, gravel and soil
  15. Vehicle revenue license


Permit for felling of trees(jak, Bread fruit, Female Palmyra)

  1. Copy of the deed of land certified by GramaNiladari as a true copy
  2. When the land does not belong to applicant, letter of consent,given by ownerand certified by GramaNiladari.
  3. If there are more owners for the land, an affidavit should providedby the land owners.
  4. If felling is for a new construction, plan of the construction.
  5. If felling is due to danger, the letter informing to remove it by urban/municipal council.
  6. Courtorder, if any.
  7. If the tree is obstructing electricity / telephone lines the letter of informing such.
  8. If the tree is located in the boundary of the land, a letter written in front of GramaNiladariby the owner of the adjacent landto confirm that there is no objection.

Permit charges – Rs.168.00

Permit for transportation of Timber/Furniture

  1. Completed application
  2. Grama Niladari report on logs, swan timber orfurniture
  3. For jak, bread fruit or female palmyra, permit issued for felling of the same.
  4. The list of the timber certified by the gramaniladari.
  5. Recommendation of the forest department.
  6. For retransport timber/furniture transported by train, original copy of transport permit and receipt issued by railway department. (Do not need GramaNiladari report or pay for the permit)
  7. Purchasingreceipts of logs, swan timber or furniture.
  8. Except the furniture made of Ebony, Calamander. Sandal wood, Stain wood, Nadun,  all the other furniture do not need permit to transport, from 11th of june, 2012.

Extending the period of falling / transportation permit

  1. Original Copy of police entry
  2. Original permit
  3. GramaNIladari report (if did not transport)
  4. Letter of request

Permit for new pawning center

  1. GramaNiladari report
  2. The recomondation of the DIG of police.
  3. Original certificate and a photo copy of company registration
  4. An affidavit stating that no illegal or injust activity would be carried out.
  5. Original and a photo copy of Insurance certificate covering fire and burglary.
  6. If a joint company, the partnership agreement
  7. A copy of the deed of the place where the pawning centre would be carried out.
  • Permit charges – Rs. 1000.00
  • Registration fee – Rs. 25000.00
  • Key money – Rs. 100,000.00

Renewal of pawning centre licence.

  • An original copy and photo copy of previous permit
  • Insurance certificate for the New Year and a photo copy of the same.
  • Financial report of the year and a photo copy of the same.

Permit charges – Rs. 1000.00

Bus conductor license

  1. Completed MTS 05 form
  2. Certificate issuede for the three day training and a phocopy of the same.
  3. Originals and photocopies of education certificates.
  4. Service letter issued by department of motor traffic, stating that the applicant is working as a bus conductor.
  5. Original copy and a photo copy of birth certificate
  6. Two recently issued character certificates. One should be issued by the relevant GramaNiladari.
  7. Two photographs (2” x 2 ½”)

Permit charges – Rs. 250.00

Issuing of a duplicate

  1. Completed MTS 05 form
  2. Letter issued by department of motor informing toissue a copy.
  3. Previous permit.
  4. If the permit is lost, copy of a police report.
  5. Two photographs (2” x 2 ½”)

Permit charges – Rs. 250.00

New Liquor license

  • Approval letter of commissioner of Excise.

Chargers change according to the gazette.

Renewal of liquor license

  • Approval letter issued by the commissioner of Excise.
  • Clearance certificate issued by the assistant commissioner of excise.
  • Clearance certificates issued by commissioner of Inland Revenue and provincial commissioner of Inland Revenue, stating that taxes were paid.
  • Previous license

Chargers change according to the gazette.

Permits for transport animals

  1. Application form
  2. Recommendation of GramaNiladari
  3. Certificate of health of the animals to be transported.
  4. Report of recommendation of the vehicle to be used for transportation
  5. Cattle voucher
  6. Receipt of payment for animals (Rs. 50 per animal) to the provincial council of western province.

Approval  for the weapon permits

Application form filled by the applicant and recommended by GramaNiladari and OIC of police.

Toddy tavern rent permits

  1. Completed tender application
  2. Originalcopy of valuation certificate
  3. original copy of receipt issued for tender application

License for Mining of sand, gravel and soil

  1. duly completed Application form
  2. Copy of the Deed
  3. Copy of the Plan
  4. If the applicant is not the land owner, an affidavit should provided from the land owner or the lease agreement.


License for transportation of sand, gravel and soil

  1. Duly Filled Application Form
  2. A letter of consent given by the mining license holder.

Vehicle revenue license

  • Motor vehicle registration certificate (Book)
  • Valid insuarance certificate
  • Green certificate (More than 01 year)
  • Fitness certificate for lorries & buses (From approved office in Western Province)

[Must bring the permit issued by Transport Authority for buses having route permits]


  • If not having motor vehicle registration certificate,(Leased vehicles) must bring certified copy from relevant financial institution.(Within 06 months)


Pawing Permits


Name Of Pawing Centre

Owner Of Pawing Center


Gayan Gold House

Mr.R.W.Nesly Ranjith


Lakmali Jewellers



Dedigama Pawing Center-Gampaha



Rajitha Gold House



Sahan Gold Pawing Centre



LOLC Company-Gampaha


Sadeeka Gold House



Madusha Gold House



Walter Ponin Centre



U.S.S.Pawing Centre



Sujani Jewellers

Mr.I.B.Sarath Indrathissa


Dedigama Pawing Center-Yakkala

Mr.Ranjan Malin Dedigama


Edirisingha Trust Investment Ltd.

Mr.Nalaka Premalal Edirisingha


Sunray Pawing Centre



Dedigama Pawing Center-Ganemulla

Mr.Ranjan Malin Dedigama


Wickramasingha Pawing Center



Gampaha Jewellers Pawing Center



Celiynco Leasing Cooperation


People Leasing Cooperation (PLC)


Dedigama Pawing Center-Weliweriya

Mr.Ranjan Malin Dedigama


New Nimali Gold House-Weliweriya

Mrs.Nimali Chandrika


Sew Gunasekara Pawing Center-Ganemulla

Mr.Sarath Arly Wickramasingha Gunasekara


Dinithi Gold House



M.D.Jewellers Pawing Centre


U.S.S. Investment



Citizen Development Business Finance


Nimro Pawing Centre



Central Investment &Finance Ltd


Merchant Credit Dep Sri Lanka Ltd


Swernamahal Financial Service Ltd


Ranmini Gold House



Sujani Gold House

Mr.I.B.Sunil Kulathissa


People Merchant Bank (PLC)


Commercial Credit (PLC)