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Issuing of Certificates

  1. National Identity Card (preprocessing)
  2. Income Certificates
  3. Asset Reports
  4. Valuation Certificates
  5. Proof of Residency Certificates
  6. Leaving of Residence Certificates
  7. Certificates to Obtain Water Facilities(Approval)
  8. Certificates to Obtain Electricity Facilities(Aproval)


Documents required and charges

Income Certificates

  • Request letter with approval of Grama Niladari
  • Documents required for verifying income


Asset reports

  • Application form
  • Assessment report recommended by Grama Niladari
  • Deed  ane the plan of the property for which an Assessment report is requested.
  • Plan of the property
  • relevent land registry obtained within one month from the data of application


  • Application form
  • Documents required for valuation
  • Report with approval of Grama Niladari
  • Deed  of the property
  • Plan
  • Folio that does not exceed one month for the data of application


Valuation Certificates