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Payment of Pensions

1.payment of W&OP

required documents

  1. Original of the Marriage Certificate
  2. Affidavit, if there are any difference in the name
  3. Original Death certificate
  4. A copy of the pension award paper
  5. Birth certificates of any child/children below the age of 21 years
  6. 3 copies of 3 1/4 x2 1/4 sized photograph of the applicant,certified by the relevant grama niladari
  7. The National Identity card of the applicant
  8. The letter issued by the respective divisional secretariat that the payment of pension will be halted
  9. The birth certificate of the widow / widower

02.Preparation of a new pension award

Once the pension file is received by us from the last work station,from where the officer was retired,the pensioner should forward the following documents to us for the pension payment to be prepared.

  1. pensioner Identity card'
  2. Treasury format 70
  3. Certificate of residence obtained from the respective grama niladari
  4. The pension award paper'

03.Preparation of a dependents allowance

When the dependent receives the letter from the department of pension that the respective W& OP file has been sent to this divisional secretariat, The following documents have to be produced by the dependent.

  1. The Birth certificate of the dependent
  2. The certified copies of mother's & father death certificates
  3. A three copy of the parents marriage certificate
  4. IF the dependent is under 18 years
  5. He/she should have a guardian &the forms 5/1,6,7,8 Application have to be submitted

04.Preparation of a disabled pension

Step must be taken to inform the death of the pensioner/ W& OP receiver immidiately in order to half the monthly pension payment'The documents mentioned below have to be produced to the divisional secretariat in order to prepare the disabled pension.

  1. Application for the disabled pension on be half of the permanently disabled child/children
  2. The affidavit to be submitted by the guardians of the disabled child (Disabled 2)
  • The Applicant has to present himself for  the preliminery inquiry on a date previously informed to the applicant
  • If a guardian is named,the guardian should be present for the inquiry along with the disabled child