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Social Welfare and Benefits

Public Donations


  • Issuing for low income earners,poor people,patient & disable people.
  • Complete the application and hand over to Grama Niladari.
  • Grama Niladari certified application submit to the Social Service Department.
  • If someone applying below 60,have to submit medical certificate regarding illness.


Medical Equipment Donations

(Wheel Chairs,Spectacles,Clutches,Elbow Clutches)

  • Be a low income earner
  • Medical certificate to use the relevant equipment
  • Grama Niladari approved application


  • Arrangement of scholarship for children who's father has been expired
  • Principal certified letter from school
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Provide a copy of death certificate if father has been expired or affidavit if father has been abandoned

Medical Donations


  • Issuing donations for Cancer,TB,Thalasimia
  • Approved medical certificate for relevant illness
  • complete the application issuing by Divisional Secretary office
  • Grama Niladari certified letter to prove applicant is a low incomer


Housing Donations For Disable People


  • Complete the application issuing by Divisional Secretary office
  • Land belongs to applicant and confirming it using a deed
  • Agreement of contributing a land from volunteer,If the applicant doesn't have an own land him self.(Under leadership of Divisional Secretary & Social Service Officer)
  • certified letter from Grama Niladari to prove applicant is a low incomer
  • Approved medical certificate from registered doctor,regarding disability
  • Housing plan & estimate given by an architecture
  • Birth certificate & identity card copy to confirm age
  • Relevant documents to show how to fulfill exceed balance.(Estimates below Rs.250,000)


Self Employment Donations For Disable people


  • Complete the application issuing by Divisional Secretary office
  • Approved medical certificate regarding dissability
  • Report from Social Service officer
  • If purchasing equipments for self employment,description of purchasing
  • Self employment project report which mention in application
  • Grama Niladari report to prove applicant is a low incomer


Cost Of Living Allowance For Disable People


  • Approved medical report from government doctor,regarding disability
  • Grama Niladari certified letter to prove applicant is a low incomer


Self Employment Donations For Single Parents


  • Donations giving for women who's age below 50 & husband has been expired or abandoned
  • Certified letter from Grama Niladari to prove applicant is a low incomer
  • Copy of death certificate or affidavit if husband has been abandoned
  • Priority given for applicant who's having children still going school


Disaster Mangment

  • Donations
  • Conducting Researches & recommending for donations
  • Submit reports


Issuing Senior Citizen Identity Cards


  • Establish elders societies
  • Providing eye lenses
  • Build elders homes


Vocational Training

  • Giving vocational training for disable people
  • Direct self employment


Narcotic Prevention

  • Rehabilitation of alcoholic

1. Providing Relief for Illnesses

Varies of Benifit Persons Amount(Rs)
Public Donations 2950 792,420.00
Cancer Donations 98 32,980.00
Laduru Donations 01 400.00
T.B. Donations - -

2. Providing of Low Income Beneficiaries

Disable Housing Beneficiaries

Amount (Rs.)                   Persons

60,000.00                           01

40,000.00                           02

43,000.00                           01

15,000.00                           01

Self Employment Beneficiaries

Amount (Rs.)                   Persons

10,000.00                          05

9,960.00                           01

9,970.00                           01

3. Providing Casual Relief

Social Service Beneficiaries (Special)

Variety Persons Amount(Rs)
Medical 13 250.00(each)
Education 28 500.00(each)

4. Other Donations

a) Tricycle,Crutchers,Wheel Chairs - Total 18

b) Hearing Aids  - 15

c) Spectacles     -  22